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Have you ever wanted to share BiuBiu with those you love? Have you ever

thought it would make a great gift but was not sure of the size, style or

To make it easier for you, we have now introduced BiuBiu Gift E-Vouchers.
They come in Euro, UK pounds and US dollars and in denominations of 20, 50,
80 and 100. To order, simply choose the value and the currency and add it toyour basket. The voucher will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of payment.
You can then send it directly to the recipient - or you can choose to print
it and put it in an envelope to hand it over at the right moment. The gift voucher comes with a one-time coupon code that is valid for one year from purchase. It can be redeemed when purchasing from BiuBiu online store or placing a mail order. It is a perfect gift for Christmas but can also be used for any other occasion.
Let the woman you love - be it your daughter, your sister, your
girlfriend, your wife
or your mother - embrace her curves with BiuBiu! It is
easier with our Gift E-Vouchers!