Why BiuBiu

BiuBiu sells clothing dedicated to curvy women.

Do you have a fuller bust? Would you like to look good, but your chest doesn’t fit
in high-street clothing? We hear you, and that’s why we created BiuBiu.

Our aim is to allow all well-endowed women wear clothes that are comfortable and fit well: not only in the bust, but also hips, shoulders and waist. Not many women are models; we’d like to dress those who aren’t (and we say NO to popping shirt buttons)!

We’re the first brand in Poland to cater to the needs of fuller-bust clients.
It’s the brand for you if you’re fed up of clothes which fit your bust, but hide your waist, give you an extra athletic or hunchback appearance.

Are you looking for clothes which won’t make your shoulders look wider than they are? Have you ever had a dress which flattered your curves?
BiuBiu has got the answers: we know women have bust, waists and hips and their curves come in different sizes, too.

Any questions? Contact us at biubiu {at} biubiu.pl or phone no +48 32 2026005.

Kinga Kosierkiewicz