Privacy and Cookies Policy


At BiuBiu, we respect your privacy and we will not pass on your details to
third parties. We only use the information that you give us to process
orders, despatch orders, process payments and communicate with you
about our products, services and any other news from BiuBiu that
we think may interest you.

By supplying us with your details, you consent to us using your details in
the ways described above. If you do not wish to receive emails from us,
please contact us and we'll make sure that we remove your details from
our mailing lists.
The Biu Biu website makes use of cookies for operational and marketing
purposes. You can check for more details in the cookie information o our website.


BiuBiu offers two payment options to international Clients.
Both payment
options are based on external providers and
their relevant security
measures. One option is PayPal.
More information on PayPal security is available here:

The other one is payment by credit/debit card via Dotpay,
a provider of
secure credit card payment services.
When you select payment by credid/debit
you will be redirected to a secure Dotpay site,
where you enter your
credit/debit card details
and make the payment. More information on
security is available here:

If you are concerned about the safety of shopping online, but would like to
order from BiuBiu, you can send us an e-mail to or call our customer
service on +48 322026005.

What are Cookies?




Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer, or other device, when you visit websites like ours - they are not computer programmes or viruses and they do not store personal or identifiable information about individuals. They simply provide an identifier that you have visited our website and certain pages within it.


Why do we use cookies on our site?


Firstly, and most importantly, we use them to "remember" the products you put into your shopping basket, so that you can complete the checkout process. Without the specific cookies to perform this task you will not be able to buy from our website as the checkout will not recognise the products you have selected to buy – these cookies are described as "strictly necessary". We want to make you aware that we use these types of cookies but we do not require specific consent from you to use them as they are required for the operation of our website.

Other cookies are "dropped" during your web visit so that we can look at information about how you use our site. This might include which pages you visit, how long you stay and at which point you leave our site. Again these actions are not identifiable to you as an individual but simply help us to identify patterns in the ways in which customers are moving around our site. By reviewing this information we can identify ways to improve our website and ensure our customers find it easy and enjoyable to use. For example we might be able to see that lots of people visit our "perfect fit" section but then leave our site immediately afterwards – in this case we might try to put additional information in this section about fitting or provide clearer links back out to the rest of our website.

Some cookies are also used so that we can identify how you came to click through to our website – for example telling us whether you clicked through from an email we might have sent you, from a banner ad on another website or whether you simply typed in our web address. Again these actions are not identifiable to you as an individual but help us to better understand how customers prefer to use our website and interact with our brand online.

We also work with a company called Struq who drop cookies during your web visit for the purpose of re-marketing our products to you. These cookies tell Struq which products you have looked at on our site and whether or not you have bought anything. They use this information to select BiuBiu products they think might be of interest to you so that they can show you ads featuring these products in the future