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Find your BiuBiu size clothing is designed for women who want to fit clothes to their bust.

All sizes are made of two parts:

The first part of the size relates to your standard clothing size, generally defining your waist and hip measurements.

The second part of the size describes your bust size. Depending on the difference between your waist and your bust, you should choose B, BB or BBB.

In case of clothing made of jersey/stretchy fabrics, we use dual sizes: B/BB or BB/BBB

In order to choose the right size, measure your waist and find your clothing size in the chart. Then measure your bust in the fullest part and again find your bust size in the chart.

Below you will find a simplified version of the size chart, with UK bra sizes applied to particular BiuBiu sizes.


Remember that you no longer have to buy a larger size in order to accommodate your bust: if you were a J or K cup bra and until now had to go up three sizes in tops, take a BBB size in BiuBiu clothing. If you have any sizing doubts - please write or call us and we will do our best to help.

                                               Tailored clothing sizing guide

 Taliored clothing sizing guide


                                                  Jersey/stretchy fabric sizing guide

 Jersey fabric sizing guide


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